About Mareli Medical

Mareli Medical AB was started in 2015 with an ambition to change and improve the conditions and dynamics of beauty clinics around Europe. We quickly became one of Europe’s largest suppliers of fillers, consumables, and clinic equipment and are today active in as many as 52 countries. Mareli Medical’s founders are also the founders of Molderm Aesthetics and the revolutionary product Molderm.

In the industry, we saw early on a great need for a supplier who is available and provides the customer with the service and support needed. As a therapist, you are usually alone in your professional role. This means that accessibility and expertise help is extra important when choosing a supplier. As a customer with us at Mareli Medical, you as a therapist never need to feel alone. Our experienced staff is here 24/7 as your support for advice and support.

Mareli Medical is not an agency for a particular product or brand. We also do not have pure sellers. We believe that all therapists want answers to their questions based on facts and statistics. So instead of trying to sell you something that you have no need for, we have knowledgeable staff on-site whenever you need us. Both by phone and out in the field. This increases patient safety and quality in the industry. We are here to help you as a therapist and your patient.

With us at Mareli Medical, you will only find CE-marked quality products. We often receive questions about why certain products are not in our range. The answer is usually that they do not meet the requirements we place on the product, such as clear documentation, CE marking, etc.

It is very clear that many agencies and manufacturers always focus on their own product and constantly paint the picture that it is the absolute best product in the world. As a clinic owner, you are often linked to a brand and fill your premises with promotional items for that particular agency or manufacturer’s product. This is a smart way for the agency or manufacturer to increase the demand for their particular product. At Mareli Medical, we choose to focus on your brand and your business. The choice of product is important, but from a marketing perspective, the product’s brand only grows and is strengthened when you as a clinic owner market the product more than you market yourself.

This has created a major problem in the industry as the customer/patient is linked to a product and not to you as a therapist. This leads to the customers/patients going where they get the product cheapest and not where they get the best treatment. We, therefore, have a whole team that only works with producing tailored promotional items for your company/clinic where it is you who stands out and gets focus and not the manufacturer’s product.

If your business grows, ours grows. Mareli Medical does not have a classic customer/supplier relationship with its customers. We see ourselves as partners. Since the start, as mentioned above, we have always focused on you as a therapist/clinic owner. This has characterized all our investments in and for the industry. Do you need help reaching out to your clinic? Maybe you are a newcomer and need help developing a logo, or a rollup where your skills and values ​​are highlighted? Is it time for an event? We have a whole team of graphic designers and marketing experts who can help you with this. Contact us and we will have a conversation about how and what we can do to help you.

From the outset, we considered that the prices of purchasing products should be lower than they looked, especially in Scandinavia. The reason is simply that quality and competence cost money. The benefits for clinics must therefore be higher so that you can afford to develop skills and invest in your clinics. We were the only ones to consider this at the start and we received a lot of criticism. Thanks to Mareli Medical, clinicians’ profits from treatment have increased and thousands of clinics have been given increased opportunities for their operations. The clinics’ dependence on medicine companies and agencies for “free” training and advertising for products, etc. has therefore also decreased. As a customer of Mareli Medical, you can afford to develop and run your own company.

In Europe, a product that has been placed on the market is legally entitled to be sold in Europe.

Mareli Medical only sells CE-marked products with a legal right to be used in Europe. The same guarantees, insurances, obligations, and rights apply within Europe as this is regulated by law at the European level. Free and open trade is good, it evens out the price picture and increases competition. This is also regulated by law as the monopoly of merchandise is illegal. For Mareli Medical, which is active in 52 countries, there is no reason at all to make purchases from the most expensive countries in Europe when you can get the same product with the same guarantees for a better price in another country. This means that we can also compete and offer all your customers better prices.

Competitors are trying to paint a picture of parallel imports being frivolous. This is of course not true as we have the same laws, rights, and obligations as all other actors. Parallel imports have been a normal way of doing business since the EU became a fact. Parallel imports are extremely common in many industries such as the automotive, pharmaceutical, clothing and food industries where the aim is price equalization in Europe and a free, open market. All countries in the EU have a state activity that actively works against actors who try to restrict parallel imports as such restriction is illegal.

Based on all the experiences of Mareli Medical together with world-leading researchers around the world, the founders behind Mareli Medical have developed the product catalog Molderm, Framtiden filler and bio stimulatory product. In addition to launching a groundbreaking product, Mareli Medical’s values ​​have been woven in and the world’s first 360 concept has been created for clinics around the world. The 360 ​​concept is based on greater responsibility as a manufacturer and distributor. Through the concept, we invest in developing your clinic and the entire aesthetic industry. Feel free to read more about Molderm at www.molderm.com